Buying a domain name

As you learned in the introduction, a domain name is a pointer to the computer your files are on.

Putting a website up requires three things:

  1. the computer the files will be on
  2. the files themselves
  3. the domain name (for example,

Stiltify simplifies things

Luckily, Stiltify takes care of the first two. We have already secured the computer the files will be on, and we’ve created this easy-to-use website in which you literally fill in the blanks. The domain, however, is something you should handle with care.

We’ve met and heard of many companies, small and large, that have lost their domains because they failed to continue paying for the domains. This happened because of various reasons:

  • the one that registered was just outsourced the job, and it didn’t remind the company to renew it
  • the one that registered it has left the company and is unable/unwilling to transfer the domain to a new person within the company

To avoid this, we suggest a secretariat or someone of a higher position within the company registers the domain. It shouldn’t be the IT guy or the web developer/freelancer. The person who registers it should be trust worthy.

Being careful

Why so careful? Because once a domain is lost, many times it cannot be easily recovered. We have this client that had failed to pay for the domain name, and it went back to the market. Someone overseas bought it and offered to sell it back to them for $2,000.00. They didn’t buy it back. Years later, they still feel terrible about it. This happens more than you think.

Buying your domain name

You can get your domain at GoDaddy.

Buying a domain with GoDaddy from Stiltify on Vimeo.

Where to buy domain names?

These services will try to sell you a bunch of other things, like email services. However, we can help you get free email addresses. If all you want is your domain name, make sure that in the end, you’re paying for your domain name only. You will have a chance to review the items you’re buying at the end.

  • .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc – GoDaddy at about P500.00/year.
  • .ph,,, – at about P1,500.00/year.