If I buy hosting for a year, will it be cheaper?

In fact, yes! Since we now use credits to simplify the process of paying for websites, below you can find the prices you pay with the corresponding credits you will get. 500 credits is good for 1 website per month.

Discount Price (Php) Price (USD) Credits Months hosted
0% 500 12 500 1
5% 2850 64 3000 6
10% 5400 120 6000 12
20% 9600 214 12000 24

This does not apply if you’re already in a promo.

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What service do you exactly provide?

The phrase “hosting and server maintenance” is definitely confusing. As our hosting service, you get to create a site and not worry about bandwidth (how much is downloaded from your site). As our server maintenance service, this is the best way we can describe it in an everyday scenario: Let’s say you’re running on Internet Explorer 6. That’s a browser that’s really old, slow, and unsafe. Websites, at least most of them, look the way they’re supposed to though. So why upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, or 8? If you upgrade, sites will still look the same. But what are the benefits? Because browsing is safer, faster, and more sites work.

This scenario is similar to what we do. We do things in the background. While your site won’t look different each time we upgrade it, it will be different inside and will be better overall.

Contact us and ask questions. We don’t bite!

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Will you or this service disappear?

Virtually all the time, the reason services like these disappear is because they lose money. Fortunately, we break even with just 1 website. We scale with the number of websites we have. So we’re here to stay!

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How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly are the websites?

Our websites are friendly for search engines to look through. However, there are many more things you can do on your end to ensure your website gets a good ranking.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tricky subject because 1) it can change instantly and 2) you can literally waste dozens of hours trying to get it right, when Google itself says, and we’re paraphrasing here, ‘have good content’ because people will link to you. The trick is choosing the a few simple things that have large impact. Here are several things you should look into:

  1. Getting your domain name for at least 2 years. This shows the search engines that you’re here to stay.
  2. Make the first few keywords on your page bold. This shows the search engines that these are important words.
  3. Not having too much text in one page. Search engines don’t like reading the whole page. They
    read the first couple of hundred lines and then work with that.
  4. Using the correct structure that makes it easy for search engines to read the page. This, Stiltify already takes care of. We’ve made sure that the pages you add to your website are easy to read.
  5. Having short paragraphs
  6. Using numbered or bulleted lists whenever you can and appropriate
  7. Having few or no wrongly spelled words
  8. Most importantly, having other websites link to you. The more popular (thus more credible) these website are, the better. This shows search engines that other people are talking about you, and you are more likely to have worthwhile content.

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Why not just use Facebook?

A lot of people now want to use Facebook or Multiply to completely host their site. What if they disable these pages? What if they change the layout? We don’t mean to say you shouldn’t use them. They are important, however, you don’t want to rely on these services because you’re not in control of the website that your visitors see. This article says it better than we can.

Great social networks will come and go, and they are all important. You should be active on as many as possible. They are all great places to extend your website, extend your brand and presence. But everything should come back to your website.

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Will a website increase my sales?

We wish it were as simple as that, but a website alone will not noticeably increase foot traffic to your physical business. A website is

  • a source of information for people to know about what you are about (else they’d have to call you)
  • a place where you control the information

What increases your customer base would be a host other things called marketing. Let people know about promos, or loyalty programs, etc.

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Can I embed videos on the sites?

Most definitely. When you see YouTube videos on blogs and other sites, what the website moderator does is usually paste code that looks like this (it just looks like that, we’ve edited to make it slightly shorter):

<iframe w="425" h="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/2SrV13F3x7Y"></iframe>

All you need to do is paste this on the pages and it will work!

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Does the blog have an RSS feed?

As it is now, there’s no RSS. I’m building in a better blog engine for this, to which you can migrate the blog that exists now, if you have a need for RSS.

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Can I change the look of the site?

Yes – in fact, with a site on Stiltify.com, you can edit the CSS (it’s what controls the look of a website). You don’t even have to go through us. If you know how, you can edit it yourself. Or you can hire a web designer you love to update the look. See our videos for more info.

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How do I pay you?

To make things simpler when you have multiple sites, we adopt a concept of credits on Stiltify. You buy credits that is deducted from your account when you are billed for a website.

When you pay us money, your money is converted into credits. PHP 500 gets you 500 credits. If you pay in bulk, you will also get a discount.

Ready to Pay?

See the payment details.

Some Tips

Although it is good practice to keep track of when you need to pay your bill for your website/s again, we will still email you a reminder before a site of yours is charged but your account would have not had enough credits to complete the purchase.

An example, please!

Here is an example of a site that is set to expire: if in 2 weeks your site is up for renewal, but you only have 200 credits, then you will be emailed to purchase at least 300 more. If the 2 weeks is up, you will be emailed again with a reminder to get more credits. The grace period after non-payment is 5 days. If after 5 days no payment has been received, the site will be put offline until payment is received.

Getting many credits at once will give you big discounts, save more time by going by processing the payment less, and overall let you worry about your site being up less.

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Can I host the site myself?

Stiltify is only hosted on our servers in the United States. We outsource the hosting to a company with data centers, and with on-call staff that handles keeping the servers up, so we can concentrate on making Stiltify better.

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How do I get access to a website that someone else set up?

If someone else set up the site for you, you first need to make sure you have an account. To get an account, go to your site’s sign up page (it might look something like yourcompany.stiltify.com/users/sign_up. Create an account, and after you do so, you will see instructions for you to contact the person that set up the site for you.

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