The Internet

As we’re sure you’ve seen all over this website, we built this website with a particular reason in mind: your convenience. We’ve seen our fair share of burned clients. Many times, these things happen because the Internet makes things more complicated than it should. At this point though, it’s important you know about these things to make sure you get your website up and running reliably.


A domain name is a pointer to the computer that has your website. So that we wouldn’t have to memorize the actual address of each website (it looks something like this: 202.892.32.32), the internet pioneers made this system where you can use names instead. A sample of this name is

A domain is something you should get. You will already get a free one, but it’s under our name. This free one looks like this: Learn how to get one now!

Updating Your Site

Many people think that once they have their site, hundreds or even thousands of visitors will visit it and they won’t need to spread the word about it anymore. This is untrue. Keeping a site up is not a walk in the park – you need to find someone who can write, someone who is trust worthy enough to maintain the site for you.

Why keep it up to date? If they see the last news entry was 4 months ago, they won’t think that the information on your site is reliable. We heard of this small school that still had the old address of the school on their website. A parent one day frantically called them asking them if why no one was around. You wouldn’t want to be in that situation, would you?